Chatroom Options Tab

The Room Options tab allows you to configure the access to the room.

The following table describes the fields and buttons on the Room Options tab: Table 1 Room Options Tab Fields and Buttons

Table 1 Room Options Tab Fields and Buttons
Information entered is shown on the top line of the Java Chat Client following the name of the room (just under the tabs). Any member joining the room sees this topic. People viewing the list of rooms on the Rooms tab also see this description.
A room set to secret is not displayed in a member's Rooms list unless the member is an Administrator or a member who has been granted access.
Moderators may not change settings
This option prevents moderators from making changes to the room settings. Moderators are still allowed to remove, ban and quiet members.
P2P Chat Only with Moderators
This option prevents members from conducting a Person-to-Person chat with each other, allowing them to only P2P chat with moderators.
Members Only
This options restricts the room to only people listed in the members list (in the configuration). See Members Only
Strict Moderation (must have voice to speak)
Only Room Moderators and members who have been given Strict Moderation Voice by a Room Moderator can speak in a moderated room.
Topic changeable only by room Moderator
This options restricts the change of a room's topic to a Room Moderator or an Administrator. If this option is not set, anyone who is in the room can change the topic.
Block external msgs
This option allows only people who are in the room to speak in it. Without it, anyone on the entire server can talk to the room.
This option is checked to place room entrants in a queue. This option is used in Live Help.
When a person attempts to join an Invite-Only room, the Moderator is informed and can grant or deny access. See Invitation-Only
Password to enter
This field sets the password that members must use to access the room.
Max occupancy
This field sets the maximum number of members that are allowed in the room at one time. When the number of members has reached maximum occupancy, the room cannot be entered until someone leaves or the number in the field is increased.
Overflow room
If a maximum occupancy is set for a room, then the Overflow option can be set. This options creates an overflow room for members who cannot join a room due to it because it reached its maximum occupancy. Overflow rooms share most of the same settings as the original room.
Overflow Message
Check this box to notify members when new members are being sent to overflow rooms.
Room Bans
This field lists the currently active nickname and domain bans for this room. Banned members and domains are kicked out of a room and not allowed to return.
Click this button to clear all listed bans for this room.
Ban nickname
Allows a moderator or administrator to remove a member from this room. See Banning a Member
Ban Domain
Allows a moderator or administrator to forbid a domain from using this room. This option is useful if a troublesome member changes nicknames. See Banning a Member
This field lists the current members or domains who currently are not allowed to speak in the room. See Quieting a Member
Click this button to clear all listed quiets for this room.
Quiet nickname
Allows a moderator or administrator to prevent a member's from speaking this room. See Quieting a Member
Quiet Domain
Allows a moderator or administrator to remove a domain from speaking in this room. This option is useful if a troublesome member changes nicknames. See Quieting a Member
Administrators can override all Room Options settings, including:

  • View secret rooms.
  • Enter invite-only rooms.
  • Can grant themselves Room Moderator status in any room. This level of authority is necessary for Administrators to maintain control over the chatting environment.
  • Cannot be banned or removed from the room.

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