Chatspace Chatroom Interface

Chat Screen

Clicking a button displays a dialog box either in the bottom of the window or in a separate window, depending on which client is running.

A description of the buttons follows:

Top Toolbar Buttons

Chat Options-displays a separate panel that allows you to change your chat options and your profile.

Room Options (Moderator/Admin function)-Allows you to change your room welcome message, room options, the capability to ban or remove a member from the system, change server settings, add moderators and change passwords.

Member Profile-displays a member's profile.

Person - to - Person Chat (P2P Chat)-Clicking this button after highlighting a member's name in the Member List enables one to one conversation. This conversation is private and cannot be seen by the rest of the participants. You can also send a member a memo or a file.

Send File-This function allows you to send a file to another member either while they are in the chatroom or after they have logged out.

Send Memo-To send a memo to a member, highlight the member's name and click on this button. A memo box appears for your text.

Ignore A Member/Un-Ignore/Clear All Ignores -By highlighting a member name then clicking on this button, you can ignore or un-ignore a member. You can also clear all ignores that you have previously set.

Member Lookup-This button displays a list of active members This list displays the Active members on the server. You can view a profile, or send an Email, memo or file to a member.

Moderator/Admin Buttons

Only members designated as Moderators or Administrators have these buttons on their toolbar.

Remove a Member-In the event that a member is disruptive, highlight his or her name in the room list and click this button to remove the member from the room.

View/Delete Room Bans-By using this function you can view or delete any member bans on your system.

Assign/Remove Moderator Status-Should you need to add a moderator to a room, by highlighting the person's name in the Member's List, and clicking on this button you can assign the member as a moderator to the room. The reverse is true, should you want to remove moderator status.

Give/Take Voice-In a strictly moderated room, members are unable to speak. To give a member a voice or take one away, highlight his or her name and click on this button.

Give/Take Quiet-Should a member become disruptive, you can remove the capability for his or her text to be seen in the room.

Tour Member-Should you want to send a member on a tour of another area, room or site, highlight his or her name and click on this button.

Kill Member-Use this feature to remove a member from the server.

Add/View/Delete Server Bans-To add/view/delete the bans placed on the server, click on this button.

Server Configuration-To change any of the server configurations, use this button directly access the General Configuration page.

Message Option Buttons (Bottom toolbar)

Login Status-This icon indicates whether you are logged in (green), logged off (red) or in the process of connecting (yellow).

Sound-By clicking on this button and choosing a sound from the pop-up menu, you are able to admit that sound to the room.

Emotions-Should you wish to send a face icon to the screen, i.e. happy, sad, angry, click on this button.

Text Color-This button allows you to choose the color of your text that you would like to use.

Background Text Color-By clicking on this button you are able to set the background color of your text.


Chat in various rooms and Person-to-Person chat sessions are kept separate tabs along the top of the chat area. You can switch from one to the other by clicking the tab. When new messages arrive on a tab that you are not currently viewing, the text on the tab will turn red to alert you that there are new messages to see on that tab.

Tear-Off Tabs

Tabs can be torn off of the interface into separate windows. This function allows you arrange the different chats so that you can see several rooms and Person-to-Person chat sessions at the same time. To put the tab back in its normal (not torn-off) position in the interface, click the X in the upper right hand corner of its window.

Person-to-Person Chat (P2P)

P2P Chat is used for a longer, private conversation taking place in a separate window along side the room chat. To initiate a P2P Chat, either:

  • Right-click the member's nickname in the room's members list, and select the Person-to-Person Chat option
  • Double-click the member's nickname.
  • Highlight the person's name and click the P2P Chat button.

If a member initiates a P2P Chat with you, a dialog box is displayed. The dialog box identifies the message and provides four options from which to choose:

  • Chat-accept the P2P Chat. The other member's profile can be viewed after selecting Chat.
  • Cancel-the chat is not accepted.
  • Ignore Member-will not accept the chat, and refuse any correspondence from this person, either in the room or in private.
  • Ignore Member's Domain-choose this option if you have previously ignored a member, the member changed nicknames to avoid the ignore, and is attempting to send another message. This option blocks messages from this member or from this member's Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Registering your Nickname

To become a registered member of a chat site, you should register your nickname. Registering your nickname creates a profile for you and prevents other users from using that nickname, as the profile is secured by a password that you choose.

To register your nickname (which creates a profile), click your nickname in the list of nicknames that appears to the right of the chat area, then click the Member Profile button along the top of the interface. This option allows you to choose a password. Some sites require you to fill out a registration form. Other sites assign a password for you and email it to you. You must fill out such forms completely and provide a valid email address.

Several items of information are usually provided when you register your nickname to create a profile:

  • Nickname-nickname of the member. Spaces are not allowed in the nickname and it may not begin with a number.
  • Real Name-member's real name. (Optional)
  • Email-email address of the member. If provided, members on the Java Client can click this email address from a Profile list to trigger their browser to treat this like a mailto: URL. If this information is not provided, you will not be able to receive email from the chat site if, for example, you forget your password. (Optional)
  • URL-URL for a member's home page (or company home page, or any other URL). If provided, members on the Java Client can click this URL from a Profile list to trigger their browser to treat this like a hyper-link. (Optional)
  • Info-the information the member wants displayed about himself to any member that looks at his profile. This information can be a message, a list of interests, a favorite quote, or any other relevant text. (Optional)
Viewing a Member's Profile

To view a member's profile:

  1. Select a nickname in the list of nicknames (member list) that appears to the right of the chat area.
  2. Click the Member Profile button along the top of the interface.
    - or -
    Right click in the member list and select Member Profile.
    If no member is selected, you are prompted the enter a member's nickname.
    This option allows you to view and edit the various components of your profile, including password, email address, and avatar.

    If a member's profile is not marked as private, you can view:

  • Name-the member's nickname
  • About-descriptive information entered about the member.
  • Home Page-the member's home page or the page from which they access ChatSpace.
  • Email-the member's email address.
  • Registered-when the member was registered for the ChatSpace community.
  • Last On-the most recent time the member accessed the community.
  • First Login-the first time the member logged in to the community.
  • Last Login-the most recent time the member logged into the community.
  • Memo-click this button to send a memo to the member in the displayed profile.
You can also see if the member is an administrator or operator, both of whom have supervisory rights in the ChatSpace community.

Only administrators can change other members parameters, such as nicknames and passwords. As previously mentioned, you can change your own parameters, except for operator or administrator rights. Only and administrator can make that change. See the Administrator's Guide for more information.

Changing your Password

While editing your profile, use the Change Password button to change your password.

Changing your Avatar

Avatars are small graphics that represent you. An avatar appears in the member list next to your nickname, and in the messages you post. To set or change your avatar, click the Change Avatar button in your profile.

Sending Email

If a member is not currently online, you can send him or her an email (if they have an email address in their profile). To send an email:

  1. Click the Members icon.
  2. Find the member in the list to whom you wish to send email.
  3. Click the Email icon (if present) in the list row for that member.
    This option opens your email program.

NOTE: If no email icon is displayed for that member, then that member has not provided an email address in his profile and you cannot send email to him.
  1. Enter your message and send the email as you normally would.
Sending Files

You can send files to a member, while that member is signed on or off.

Files cannot be sent from behind a proxy/firewall.
To send a file:
  1. Click the member's nickname in the Members List to the right of the chatting area.
  2. Click the Send File button.
This option opens a window that allows you to choose the file you wish to send to the member. In the event that a member is signed off, you can send the member an email (as described above) and attach the file to the email.


Sending Memos

You can send a memo to a member while that member is signed on or off.

To do this

  1. Click the Members icon.
  2. Find the member you wish to send email to in the list.
  3. Click on the Memo icon (if present) in the list row for that member.
  4. In the pop up window, enter your message.
  5. Click OK.
The message will be waiting for the member, who will be alerted as soon as he or she signs on to the system.

Viewing Memos

When you sign on, the system tells you if you have any new memos to read. While you are signed on, the system notifies you when new memos have arrived. If you wish to check (or re-read) any memos that may have been sent:

  1. Click the Chat Options button.
  2. Click the Memo button.
A field is displayed that shows who sent the memo, the date and status of the memo. You can are able to read, reply or delete.

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