Connecting to the Chat Site

To begin chatting, you must connect to a chat site. In most cases, your Administrator has configured added a link to the ChatSpace Community on a company or main web page.

To access your ChatSpace Community:

  • Click on the designated link.

A ChatSpace Categories page is displayed. If the system does not remember your login, you are logged in as a Guest.

Internet Explorer is recommended for accessing your ChatSpace community.

Connection Trouble

If you have trouble connecting to a chat site, several causes are possible. These causes can be firewalls/proxies, poor Internet connections or a problem in your Java environment.


Firewalls and proxies are systems set up to protect your computer from unwanted Internet intruders. Sometimes a firewall or proxy can prevent access. While ChatSpace technology normally works perfectly well through firewalls and proxies, the ChatSpace site that you are trying to access must be set up to use firewall friendly ports, such as port 80. If you are trying to access a site which is being blocked by your firewall, you should contact the owner of the chat site and ask if firewall friendly ports are being used.

Poor Internet Connections

Just as there are bad phone connections and noisy phone lines, there can be bad Internet connections. These can cause your downloads and chats to go slowly. They can also cause you to not be able to connect or to disconnect frequently. If you are having connection problems or slow downloads, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Java Problems

The Java support on your computer can sometimes stop working properly. This can be due to a number of reasons. Often the quickest way to resolve this is to download and install the very latest web browser software (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator), and the latest Java Virtual Machine, which is the program that runs Java software. Microsoft Internet Explorer can be downloaded from Microsoft's latest Java Virtual Machine can be downloaded from ( for Macintosh users).

Alternate Interfaces

In addition to the normal ChatSpace Java Client interface, ChatSpace provides several alternate forms of access.

3X Browser Java Client

The 3X Browser Java Client is an older interface which can run on systems running older web browser software. This Java client has fewer features than the standard Java Client interface, but provides a client option if you use an old web browser. If the standard Java Client fails to load on your system, ChatSpace automatically attempts to load this interface.

HTML Client

Several flavors of HTML Client are available for your use. These clients range from a somewhat complex interface using both frames and JavaScript, to an extremely simple interface. If the standard Java Client and the 3X Browser Java Client fails to load on your system, ChatSpace automatically attempts to load the HTML Client interface. To reach this directly, add
/HCLIENT/FRAMES/ to the URL you use to access the chat site.

If you access the site by using its serial number URL (, then use this address instead:

(Where XXX-XXX-XXX is the chat site's serial number).

WAP (mobile device) Client

For users of mobile technology, a WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) client is provided. To access this client, instead of browsing default.htm on the chat site that you are trying to reach, you browse login.wml.

If you access the site by using its serial number URL
then use this address instead: (Where XXX-XXX-XXX is the chat site's serial number).

Signing On

When signing on to the ChatSpace Community for the first time, a Categories page is displayed and you are logged in as a Guest. This page contains the available topic categories of the community, as set by the Administrator, along with links login or register (Sign Up) as a member of the community.

If you come back to this server, depending on how the Administrator has configured his site, it may remember the login information that you used last time -- in which case you do not have to enter the information again.

Some sites do not require a login, as they are configured for a single sign-on. This feature eliminates the need for log into the ChatSpace Community if you have already logged into the web page with the link to ChatSpace.

Logging in

If you are a member of the ChatSpace Community, you need to log in:

  1. Click Login.
    A login dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter your Nickname. This name is used to identify you in the ChatSpace Community.
  3. Enter your Password.

The password is case sensitive.
If you forgot your password
  1. Check the Remember Me box, if available, to have your system automatically fill in your name and password each time you log in.
  2. Click Login.

If you are not a member of the ChatSpace Community, you can enter the community as a guest. Your access may be limited under certain categories and groups, depending on how these areas are configured.

To become a member of the community, you are required to register. To register:

  1. Click the Sign Up link at the top of the Categories page or the Sign Up button in the login dialog.
    The Registration page is displayed.
  2. Complete the fields:
    The required fields must be completed:
    • Login-the nickname that you use to log into ChatSpace. This nickname is also used to identify you in chats, forums and Instant Messenger.
    • First Name-your first name. This field is not displayed to identify you in ChatSpace, but is written to your profile.
    • Last Name-your last name. This field is not displayed to identify you in ChatSpace, but is written to your profile.
    • Password-the password you use to access ChatSpace.
    • Reenter-enter your password again to confirm it.
    • Email-your email address.
      The remaining fields are optional. If they are completed, the data is written to your ChatSpace profile:
    • City, State, Country-pertinent address information.
    • Homepage-the URL for the page from which you access the ChatSpace Community.
    • Bio-biographical information that you want added to your ChatSpace profile.
  3. Click Create Account.
    A message is displayed Your sign-up was successful. Click here to log in.
    If any problems are encountered, an error message is displayed.
  4. Click on the here link to log into the ChatSpace Community.
    The Categories page is displayed.
  5. Go to Using the Interface.
Sign in Error Messages

The following messages may be encountered when signing on, registering or changing your nickname:

  • Nickname is already in use.
    The nickname that you entered cannot be used until either the member leaves, changes nicknames or the reserved nickname is removed from the system.
  • Authorization required to use Registered nickname.
    The nickname that you entered is registered, therefore a password must be provided for use. If the password is unknown, choose another nickname.
  • Registration Required.
    If you have a nickname already created and the password is known, enter the nickname and password and click OK. If, however, the nickname you are trying to use is not created on the chat site, then the New Member Registration Request and login page are displayed. If you would like to create a completely new nickname, you must enter the following information in the fields provided:
    • Nickname
    • Password
    • Email Address
Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your password, you can use the Forget your password link on the options section of the login page to have your password E-mailed back to you. ChatSpace sends your password to the Email address in your profile.

  1. Click Forgot Password.
  2. When prompted, enter your email address.
  3. Click Email Password.
Your password is emailed to you. The email address must match the email address entered for you in the ChatSpace database.

Until you receive your password, you may be able to log in as a guest, if that is permitted in your ChatSpace Community.

If you did not enter an email address for yourself in your profile, or if the site does not have the Forget your password link on the login page, then you must contact an Administrator (via email) and ask to have your password reset. A reset password is exactly the same as the nickname (including case).

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