Chatroom Registration

The Room Registration tab is available for permanent rooms. This tab displays room registration information, plus configure the welcome message, moderator list, password and transcripts.

The following table defines the fields in the tab: Table 2 Room Registrations Tab Fields and Buttons

Reg by
The name of the member who registered the room.
The time and date when the room was registered.
The name of the ChatSpace Community server on which the room is registered.
Click this button to assign Temporary status to the current room. The room is deleted from the database when the last user exits.
Welcome Message
An optional text field in which you can enter a message that is displayed when a member joins the room.
Moderator List tab
Provides a listing of the members who currently have Moderator rights for the room.
Add Moderator tab
Allows you to assign Moderator rights to other members. See Adding a Moderator
Password Settings tab
Allows you to set the Moderator and Owner passwords for the room, should a password be required in the Room Options tab.
Transcripts tab
Allows you to set transcripts to be recorded for a room.Displays the current transcript settings, as configured by the administrator on the server. Click Show Transcript to view the transcripts for the room. See Room Transcripts

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